+ Diving Related Services
  • Comprehensive Diving Services
  • Underwater Inspection and Trouble-Shooting of Problem Areas in Concrete and Steel Structures
  • Underwater Structural Repairs
  • Concrete Repairs on Marine Structures
  • Corrosion Protection and Control for Steel and Concrete Structures
  • Underwater Repair and Structural Strengthening of Concrete Piles
  • Submarine Pumps for Sand Pumping
+ Corrosion Engineering Services
  • Complete Corrosion Protection through Protective Coating
  • Concrete Bonding and Composite Reinforcement Materia
  • Structural Steel, Piping Systems and Pipeline Protection Material
  • Corrosion Inhibitors/Rust Conversion Primers
+ Civil and mechnical Engineering Services
  • Repair and Maintenance of Mechanical Parts, Building and Infrastructure including Plant Equipment, e.g., Boilers, Storage Tanks, Pumps and Compressors
  • Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Blasting, Cutting and Cleaning of Civil and Mechanical Plant Equipment, Structures and Components and Flooring for the Oil & Gas, Power, Aeronautical, Marine, Palm Oil, Manufacturing, Food, Health, Transport, Construction, Agricultural Industries and Domestic Household Application
  • Water Treatment by Reversed Osmosis
+ Specialized Products and Components

Sea Horse Services Sdn. Bhd. is a sole agent for a range of value-added chemical products as well as exclusive products for household, commercial and industrial applications as follows:

  • Quick and Permanent Repairs of Boiler Tubes, Vacuum Pumps, Valves, Oil Circuit Breakers, Engine Blocks, Fuel/Storage Tanks, Condensers, Pumps, Bulkheads, Heat Exchangers, etc., without Loss Of Down-Time
  • Composite Materials for Bonding and Reinforcement of Components and Equipment
  • Cleaning and Degreasing Chemicals for all industries
  • Ultraviolet Resistant Protection for Various Materials and Surfaces
  • Cleaning and Clearing of Blocked or Clogged Piping Systems
  • Water Proofing and Repair of Roof Leakage, etc.
  • Leakage Prevention of Transformer, Switch Gear, Electrical Conduit, Cabling and Fittings.
Our product line has been successfully tested and meets local and international legislative health, safety and environmental requirements as well as local and international industrial standards for applications in the oil & gas, power, aeronautical, marine, palm oil, manufacturing, food, health, transport, construction, agricultural industries and domestic household applications 
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